South Lebanon, OH, May 14, 2018 –(– Source-Omega ( today asserts the newest DHA omega-3 structure-function claim filed with the FDA to demonstrate how their exclusive product, SOURCE OIL® – Water Extracted Chromista Oil – best supports mitochondrial health and maintenance. SOURCE OIL is the first and only 50% DHA algae oil that is also the first and only water extracted algae oil offering the highest quality, purity and potency.

Based on emerging and qualified peer-reviewed research, independent study demonstrates that DHA is the only omega-3 used to make mitochondrial cardiolipin, but only when sufficient DHA intake levels are maintained over time.

Source-Omega’s own publication reviews support 1200 mg DHA per day for 90 days as an average ideal intake level. Accretion is the act of building-up stores or reserves in the form of higher DHA levels over time, yet accretion is naturally limited to an average ideal level of about 8% total omega-3 membrane composition, thus posing no risk of overdose or side effects. Most people persist at about 4% total omega-3 membrane levels and have very little, if any, DHA in their mitochondrial cardiolipin.

Dr Scott Doughman, PhD, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Source-Omega said, “The summary of 16 clinical studies using algae DHA proves tissue accretion therapy is effective and supports longevity. By using an average 1200mg DHA per day, within the range of 700 mg DHA to 1500 mg DHA per day, a person will double total omega-3s in their red blood cells in 90 days and in all cells within 12 months. But now we observe studies with similar intake levels that support DHA accretion in mitochondrial cardiolipin within the same time periods.”

What is mitochondrial cardiolipin? Cardiolipin is a lipid complex that can only be made from certain fatty acids. Cardiolipin is a novel phospholipid made only in the mitochondria, which are the sole power factories for our body and cells.

Cardiolipin functions as a proton trap giving ATP synthase the juice needed to enhance electron transfer and reduce electron leakage. Cardiolipin also participates in a structural scaffold essential for the distinctive shape of mitochondrial cristae.

DHA is the only omega-3 that can be used to make this novel lipid, but only when DHA is consistently available in the diet at high enough levels. DHA is thought to also have electroconductive properties adding to its many uses in the human body, brain, eyes and heart.

“We claim SOURCE OIL DHA uses for providing the definitive omega-3 used by the mitochondria to form cardiolipin,” said Dr Doughman

About Structure-Function Claims
What is a permitted structure-function statement? The FDA ( states that “Dietary supplement labels or labeling may bear statements that describe the role of a nutrient or dietary ingredient intended to affect the structure or function in humans or that characterize the documented mechanism by which a nutrient or dietary ingredient acts to maintain such structure or function, provided that such statements are not disease claims.”

Claims and general substantiations for the DHA brand SOURCE OIL are that it is an ingredient used in consumer finished products. All labels and labeling associated with SOURCE OIL contains the following statement: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Source-Omega company has previously defined uses for DHA-rich algae oil in the the structure-function and formation of very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) in the liver as the first act of DHA in the body, before it is deposited into cell membranes phospholipids and the mitochondria.

Their earlier work on VLDL biology demonstrated how precious DHA is in the liver, describing how the liver uses DHA selectively to move dietary fat and to transport it efficiently. The mechanisms described imply that DHA functions directly in maintaining normal plasma triglycerides levels and normal fatty liver levels.

About Source-Omega
Source-Omega, LLC is the leading Chromista algae oil innovations company since 2007 serving the public health using a unique water extraction process, lowering prices and improving quality. Preformed DHA has also been defined in Source-Omega’s publications to be safe and effective for adults at 1200 mg DHA/day. The company defined 1200 mg DHA/day as a best practice for adults and showed how the liver can rapidly make EPA from DHA in just the right amounts (Doughman et al., 2013).

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