Albany, NY, January 03, 2018 –(– DAVIN Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a nurse owned and operated local business that creates innovative custom systems and technology solutions for academic and healthcare organizations, and Commercial Investigations LLC, a woman owned and licensed local private investigative agency specializing in background investigations and compliance services, have joined in collaboration to meet a critical need for timely and accurate background investigations. After working together for over 10 years with mutual clients, Dave Theobald, MS, RN, CSP, President and CEO of DAVIN Healthcare Solutions, Inc. and Michelle Pyan, LPI, MBA, President of Commercial Investigations, LLC realized a need to manage and streamline the process involved in credentialing and background investigations for academic programs with clinical practice rotations in hospitals and healthcare organizations. The new service is earmarked for colleges and universities that enroll students in medicine, nursing, and health science programs.

Points to consider about the critical need/resolution of need through collaboration:
Students entering a hospital or healthcare organization are entrusted with the health, safety, and welfare of patients and clients and must exercise good judgment and ethical behavior.

Such organizations have on hand controlled substances, protected health information (PHI), and other sensitive materials that require full adherence to established policy and procedure by all health care workers and care providers, including students on clinical rotation.

An assessment of suitability to provide care is required prior to entering all hospital and healthcare organizations in NYS to assure adherence to ethical standards of care as well as all policies and procedures.

Background investigations of students are vital to ensure patient safety and limit liability.

An increasing number of clinical facilities are required by accrediting agencies to conduct background investigations on all individuals who provide services and patient care within the healthcare setting, including students entering hospitals and healthcare organizations for clinical rotations. Example: Most hospitals in the Capital District are accredited by the Joint Commission. Requirements for background checks are specified and used as guidelines for accreditation or re-accreditation. Examples of educational institutions affected: Maria College Department of Nursing and/or Health and Occupational Sciences, Excelsior College School of Nursing, and Siena College Baldwin Nursing Program.

Students who do not pass the background investigation, due to presence on an exclusion list or adverse action taken against their license are unable to meet academic requirements and cannot continue in their chosen program.

Points to consider about the integration that results in a seamless process to complete credentialing and background investigations:

– Similar missions with emphasis on ethical business practices and accountability
– Similar backgrounds: local entrepreneurs – one nurse owned, one woman owned – both community stakeholders
– Both contribute unique software and a highly efficient, innovative approach to industry standards
– Both committed to personal service, accurate reporting, quick turnaround
– Both offer easy access to knowledgeable administrative, support and technical staff for timely resolution of problems/concerns
– Both value teamwork to eliminate/better manage typical barriers to the process

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