Wilmington, DE, February 14, 2018 –(PR.com)– With countless stories of fraud and deception committed by online predators and also masters of lying, putting one's trust in a stranger can lead to problems in the future. Whether it is a financial scam or lies told on dating websites, one can never be too careful when it comes to new people and the stories they tell about themselves.

GoLookUp's comprehensive Background Check service allows users to avoid deception by providing them with important information about any person in the United States.

Searching for Public Records Online
Each state in the US compiles reports about the residents living in it, and builds a pool of public records that include information such as birth dates, property ownership, criminal records, mugshot photos and further details about each person.

Each state also has its own laws and regulations regarding access to such files, meaning a person seeking for public records is limited by state rules. Also, the different records are found in several offices in each state, and access to them requires a written request and also payment of the proper fees.

These restrictions make it difficult to find information about a certain person, and this is where GoLookUp's background check and people search services can come in handy.

Background Check with GoLookUp
In order to provide users with accurate information about the people they want to know more about, GoLookUp gathers public records from data bases and compiles an accurate report about residents of the US.

Once users enter the first name, last name and state of residence of the person in question into GoLookUp's directory, they receive a full report about them in a matter of minutes. The background check includes information about the person in question and their past. The vital information can be used to conduct further searches, such as a reverse phone lookup – once the phone number of a person in known, a sex offender search, arrest records search and much more.

All the details revealed can help find out if a person is telling the truth about themselves, which helps to avoid people with a checkered past or those that might pose a threat to the people in their lives.

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