Gear up for the United States 2024 elections by donating to the Associated Press to fight disinformation

NEW YORK, NY, December 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Associated Press a leading global news organization based in the United States is please to announce that there is a donate page for readers to show their support the organizations fight against disinformation with great investigative journalism. By donating to the AP directly individuals ensure that there is reliable news and less political propaganda in 2024.

Voters are vulnerable to fall for political propaganda where there is no access to reliable news outlets or their local newspaper is on a paywall due to their financial concerns. We need to ensure that the Associated Press is not on a paywall and there is reliable access for citizens to be well informed about the candidates in the 2024 elections.

When making a donation with the Associated Press you can trust that your contribution is going to a great cause and making a positive impact. According to an Associated Press supporter
“From Elon Musk, to Donald Trump a small number of influential owners have a powerful hold on so much of the information and political influence that reaches the public about what’s happening in the world that we run the risk of a media blackout if we don’t donate in preparation for 2024.”

To make a donation to the AP click here ( Readers can donate and any amount at a one-time option.

Sharing the donation on social media platforms is also highly encouraged, as it raises awareness
and inspires others to contribute.

By participating in this initiative, readers will ensure that democracy, free speech and reliable information prevails during times of uncertainty.

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