The .NET Framework 4.6 presents the .NET Framework 4.6 Preview and .NET Core. Some new highlights apply to both, and different highlights are particular to .NET Framework 4.6 Preview or .NET Core. 

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.NET Framework 4.6 incorporates, ASP.NET 5, which is a lean .NET stage for building current cloud-based applications. The stage is measured so you can incorporate just those highlights that are required in your application. It can be facilitated on IIS or self-facilitated in a custom procedure, and you can run applications with distinctive forms of the structure on the same server. It incorporates another environment arrangement framework that is intended for cloud sending.

MVC, Web API, and Web Pages are bound together into a solitary system called MVC 6. You construct ASP.NET 5 applications through the new devices in Visual Studio 14. Your current applications will chip away at the new .NET structure; however to fabricate an application that uses MVC 6 or SignalR 3, you must utilize the task framework as a part of Visual Studio 14.

64-bit JIT Compiler for oversaw code

The .NET Framework 4.6 highlights another adaptation of the 64-bit JIT compiler. This compiler gives critical execution upgrades over the current 64-bit JIT compiler.

Base class library changes

Numerous new APIs have been added around to .NET Framework 4.6 Preview to empower key situations

Changes to the task-based asynchronous pattern (TAP)

For applications the focus on the .NET Framework 4.6 Preview, Task and Task<TResult> items acquire the way of life and UI society of the calling string. The conduct of applications that target past renditions of the .NET Framework, or that don’t focus on a particular rendition of the .NET Framework, is unaffected. For more data, see the “Way of life and errand based nonconcurrent operations” area of the CultureInfo class point.

Improvements to event tracing

A .NET Framework 4.6 Preview EventSource item can now be built straightforwardly and you can call one of the Write strategies to radiate a portraying toward oneself occasion.

And Many More Such as:

Resizing in Windows Forms controls.
Support for code page encodings
.NET Native
Open-source .NET Framework packages