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MILTON, MA, June 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Woodworking design software SketchList3D has launched a new JumpStart program. This unique one-on-one training program enables custom woodworking professionals to implement 3D modeling in their businesses, helping them sell their proposals and automate tedious tasks. Through this training, users become proficient enough to start pitching designs to clients in the shortest possible amount of time.

SketchList3D owner Dave Rozewski puts it this way: “I’ve worked with thousands of users over the past seven years. Most share a few common characteristics: 1. They do customer work; 2. They need to present better images in proposals; and 3. They work day and night. Producing results in a short time is key. Without a doubt the traditional way of buying software – the 30-day trial – does not work for many of these business owners. They have little time and most of them have no computer drawing backgrounds. But they need design software to keep their businesses moving forward.”

Addressing the need to adopt computer modeling, SketchList developed the JumpStart program. In this 1-hour online session – one-on-one – an expert from SketchList shares a screen with the woodworker to design something they will propose or build. The first 15 minutes cover the basics of SketchList3D. Then control is given to the user to complete the design.

A very interactive process, questions and redos are encouraged. After the session, users continue their design or start over for extra practice. Help from SketchList is only a quick text or email away. The user can send in a copy of their model for a SketchList3D expert to review and answer any questions. The goal is always to promote independent learning and productivity. Woodworkers tend to be hands-on, “see it, then do it” learners, which makes this type of learning opportunity ideal.

Early responses to JumpStart have been positive. One user wrote in following their JumpStart training: “I just finished my first design and I’m so thrilled with the results!”

Rozewski adds: “Part of the reason this works is that it is tailored to each business owner’s way of working. SketchList3D has hundreds of features and reports, but each user only needs to learn a few to address his/her needs. That can be accomplished very quickly. We have users who’ve submitted complete proposals or created an entire library of cabinets within days of their training. This works.”

For more information, please contact Dave Rozewski at 617-438-6612 or [email protected].

SketchList Incorporated develops and markets SketchList 3D, a 3D furniture modeling program. Founded in 2007 SketchList is used by thousands of woodworkers, cabinet makers, and custom carpenters. They use it to create 3D models, generate cut lists, shop drawings, and optimized material layouts. The product runs on Window and Mac computers.

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