Control Of Your Personal Data Is Your Human Right

LEEDS, ENGLAND, July 31, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — 2017 was the year when digital marketing overtook TV with $209 billion spent globally.

This milestone has been achieved due to programmatic advertising which is worth over $55 billion annually in the US. Highly targeted advertising campaigns in digital media are driven by large amounts of user data. Your data is used virtually every second you are online.

However, sometimes your data isn’t used how it should be. If 2017 was the year for digital, 2018 is the year for Data.

Already this year we have seen the Facebook & Cambridge Analytica issues and how your data was used for various political campaigns around the world without your knowledge. Since then we have seen Emma’s Diary involved in a similar situation in the UK and Facebook are investigating another data company now.

Data Choice will change this, we will allow users to take back control of their data, Choice of what data you share for digital marketing, and what you would rather keep private, you then get to pick the type of adverts that you see and we reward you for your data being used.

“Data Choice believes that control of your personal data is your human right. GDPR within Europe has helped people to start to regain control and our technology is the next step in the personal data control revolution,” stated Data Choice Managing Director, Andrew Bruce. Stay up to date with the technology development by registering on our website, where early stage investors can also find out more. The Data Choice Founders will hold a live Q&A and details will be sent out to our users in due course.

The use of blockchain technology by the Data Choice team means that your data is secure & the breaches of data and trust we have seen this year by some internet giants cannot happen with Data Choice.

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