Been addicted to drug or alcohol is something no one will wish for but the people in rigs situation should not be condemned but they should be assisted in other to seek the best treatment in the right rehabilitation centers, There are lots of rehabs in. Chicago but this article is base on the best rehabs you can find in Chicago, some of the things considered before making this list are the treatment, mode of treatment, their reputation, their staffs, facilities ……

Rehabilitation centers are somewhat scary to go, but in some cases of extreme addictions, they’re the best place to get treated. And that is why we have exclusively gathered a list of rehabilitation centers that can be found in Chicago.

These rehab centers offer exclusive programs for drugs such as tram. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc. Abusers.

Thus, without much ado let’s go straight to the list. But before then, we’ll like to lay emphasis that these centers are not listed according to any rank scale. More so, this list wants to be compiled for the sake of promoting any rehabilitation center.


Positive Sobriety Institute was established to regulate the high rate of addiction amongst adults, young adults and those that already have families they control.

Dr.Angres founded PSI in 2014 owing to the appalling increasing rate of addictions in California.

PSI specializes in treating Care Disorders, Pain Addiction &Professionals with impairment. Thus treatments are carried out using several types of therapies. They include; the “Art”, “Equine” and “Spiritual Care” therapies.

Its workers are highly trained and schooled professionals with an encouraging level of experience. Their nurses are also highly caring and compassionate.

2. Gateway Foundation

This rehab center as some unique features which makes it rank as the second on this list ,their facilities and their mode of treatment are unique .

Gateway is situated in Lake Villa, Chicago. It is a rehabilitation center that is specialized in tackling addictions using the process of individual counseling, accompanied by administration of therapies.

Gateway Foundation provides treatment for both inpatients and outpatients. Their inpatients are either long-term residents or short-term residents, depending on the aggravation of the addiction.

Both men, women, young or old are treated to near perfection (no one is perfect) at Gateway Foundation.


Exclusively established for alcoholism addictions in men. New Hope Recovery Center was established by Harry in 1991 in a safe and conducive environment.

This center has won a couple of accolades as regards their high Level of experience cum care and compassion given to their patients. They also offer both king term and short-term treatment to patients, depending on the level of such patient’s addiction.

Furthermore, New Hope was established with the belief that the period length of a patient’s treatment determines such patient’s level of recovery. Thus, inpatients are usually placed on long-term treatments. Not in a cars though.


Banyan was established in 1980 with a mission to provide treatments to drug addicts of any level.

Banyan operates a fully residential treatment and has over time helped their patient get totally freed from addiction.

This treatment center employs different therapies in its treatments. These therapies include CBT, REBT, and MI.

Banyan Treatment Center offers treatment to both inpatients and outpatients.


Hazelden is a rehabilitation center which advocates against alcoholism addictions, whilst also treating those already affected by this kind of addiction.

With more than 70 year experience, Hazelden has proven to be consistent. They’re the best nonprofit oriented rehabilitation center in Chicago.

Hazelden has grown very wide. This is the reason behind the establishments of various branches across Los Angeles, &Florida.

Hazelden also runs an advocating movement as stated earlier and also a publishing firm. The advocacy movement was started in 2014.


All centers listed above have been licensed by the government of Illinois, with several years of attached experience attached to its name. Visit the official website for more local resources.