Wave Company’s conductive silicone electrode is only 0.78mm 15mm in addition to theincluding fabric, making it the thinnest and most flexible productelectrode.

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wave Company announced that it will launch ElecSuit, an advanced EMS training suit using conductive silicone technology ElecSil for the first time.

The company is working on a project that combines VR gaming and electrical waveform content with existing technologies such as conductive silicone electrodes and clothing technology. The ElecSuit, with the related contents, enables the gamification of EMS workout, making exercise more fun and efficient. The Company developed a set of VR games and programs for EMS muscle and cardiovascular exercises, as well as a massage mode that fits the position, strength, and exercise through electrical waveform content.

In addition to being used for electrical stimulation on muscles, the electrical waveform content functions as an electrotactile sensation in conjunction with the HMD, and in this project, it showcases three demo games. The Company plans to continuously increase the content in the future, with the possibility of a partnership.

Wave Company’s conductive silicone electrode is only 0.15mm in addition to the fabric, making it the thinnest and most flexible electrode. It also has life durability such as washing, proven by stretching it 100 times or more and still working. With the ElecSil electrode, the ElecSuit is designed to be as comfortable as athletic base layers.

A Wave Company staff explained, “ElecSil has various advantages such as being safe for skin and having good elasticity, strong durability, and economical efficiency. It has high potential especially in health management, entertainment, and sports.” He then said, “We plan to release the first EMS garments using ElecSil this year, and develop a smart wear platform by 2025.”

Also, showing confidence, he said, “Wave Company has been developing conductive silicone electrodes for four years and has progressed technology development to the level of making clothes. If the related technology is improved, it can be expanded to technologies applicable to smart wearable clothing related to medical, IoT, and VR to be developed in the future.”

Wave Company is currently preparing to enter the United States. In 2020, the company was selected as the finalist of the Tech Stars Accelerator, but decided not to proceed in 2020 due to COVID-19. Earlier this year, the company was selected as a finalist for the Mass Challenge US Early Stage and participated in the accelerator program. Wave Company has set up a corporation in California and their Kickstarter’s campaign will be launched at the end of this month. With this project, the company is planning to establish its first footprint in the United States.

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