Cookie is a 9-month old puppy girl currently undergoing intensive training to become a therapy dog and she will be seeking the Canine Therapy Dog Certification in February of 2022.

ORLANDO, FL, November 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine LLC in Longwood, Florida is pleased to announce the new addition of our furry team member “Cookie”, a beautiful apricot-colored Golden Doodle therapy dog in training. Cookie is a 9-month old puppy girl currently undergoing intensive training to become a therapy dog and she will be seeking the Canine Therapy Dog Certification in February of 2022.

We decided to add a therapy dog at Wai Acupuncture because we believe that dogs have a helpful role in the clinical setting. “It’s so nice to see the joy in our patient’s eyes.” Dr. Nancy stated. “Therapy dogs are amazing. There are so many clients ranging of all ages who struggle emotionally from their day to day lives. She provides our patients a sense of calmness and relief from anxiety and worry. Cookie has become a super star in animal-assisted therapy!”

Pet therapy provides a comforting source of a healing touch for all clients in Wai Acupuncture. “Many clients have chronic health issues,” added Dr. Nancy. “Shown by research, therapy dogs have significantly assisted in reducing pain, anxiety, and depression as well as other forms of health issues. Pet therapy is also gaining popularity in other non-medical settings such as in Universities, community programs and awareness events.”

Pet therapy is credited to reduce stress, promote healing, lower blood pressure, and cortisol levels, as well as lifting people’s spirits up. Therapy dogs especially are welcomed in clinical settings as they are “non-pharmacological interventions” for stress and anxiety and help aid support in a patient’s recovery as early as possible. When it comes to the mindset of healing, pharmaceutical solutions are assumed to be the “first intervention” to be given. However, holistic healing components should rely more on non-pharmaceutical interventions such as animal-assisted therapy to help improve patient’s psychological status.

Dogs are very impressive animals with exceptional sensitivity of their nose and their ability to sense our emotions. A dog is capable of understanding a person’s needs by their trained behavior. When someone is in distress, a therapy dog will approach the individual and nuzzle or whine as they give company and will jump excitedly when they see us filled with joy. These characteristics make dogs an ideal candidate for pet-therapy and have a long positive record in assisting those who are in nursing homes and children’s hospitals.

Furthermore, dogs are able to serve humans in many ways. Some are trained to detect particular medical conditions. Others are used in many therapy settings such as in hospitals. Many patients share stories that once a therapy dog has been integrated into their treatment plans, they feel the progress of healing accelerate much faster.

Wai Acupuncture assures that Cookie is well-trained, clean, and fully vaccinated. Upon request from patients, Cookie can simply sit on patient’s lap, providing a calm and affectionate presence that helps alleviate pain and improve well being. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

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