For true fans, getting to prove their love for the KING, is possible in an eye-opening, and maybe even shocking new way. Swiss start-up SKIN46 brings this to life by giving the chance to have a tattoo made with the biogenic material of Elvis Presley.

BUCHS, SWITZERLAND, June 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Many fans would jump at the chance to have a part of Elvis under their skin forever? And show the world who one of his, clearly, most dedicated fans certainly is? Being connected with the King of Rock & Roll is now possible in a way nobody would probably ever expect.

Swiss start-up SKIN46 has developed a method of creating a safe, totally hygienic, high-quality tattoo ink by breaking down hair into pure personal carbon. All an interested party would need is a small piece of the King’s hair.

Welcome to the next level of artist appreciation, where the King becomes a part of the fan for the rest of their life! And the newly tattooed person also ends up having one of the world’s most interesting conversation pieces.

Swiss company SKIN46 makes it clear this is quite serious, and each customer must undersign that they are empowered to send in the hair of the loved one, person or pet they want to have put under their skin.

“We will take the care to validate every entry ourselves,” commented Andreas Wampl, Founder of SKIN46. “What a mess it would be, for example, if we received some hair from Justin Bieber from a non-authorized person, like his barber, and we manufacture a ‘Justin Bieber Tattoo Ink’ out of it! The person doing it could make a fortune. So, we had to establish secret-service like tools to avoid this kind of problem!”

Anyhow – getting a loved one under your skin is now quite possible. Celebrity or not. A brother, father, mother, significant other or even pet all qualify. The Revolution goes live with a crowdfunding campaign on June 22nd, 2018 on Kickstarter.

SKIN46 AG is a Switzerland-based Start-up founded in 2015. Founder & Inventor, Andreas Wampl, patented a method for producing a tattoo ink made of human and/or animal material (hair or fur).

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