Non-surgical medical shockwave technology is now being used to effectively treat a variety of conditions and injuries for long-lasting pain relief

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, August 12, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Physical Medicine of Oklahoma is now introducing a new medical shockwave technology therapy to help those suffering from debilitating pain without the use of medication or surgery. This treatment is available to residents of Oklahoma City, Edmund and surrounding areas.

What is Shockwave Therapy Technology and How Does It Work?

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive and highly effective treatment method for pain relief. It is performed using a Medical Wave device which emits high energy sound waves into the areas of the body that are experiencing pain.

These energy shockwaves travel faster than the speed of sound, speeding up the process of recovery and healing by increasing the blood flow in the injured area. After being evaluated, the specific painful areas are marked and gel is applied to begin the shockwave treatment.

Strong energy pulses are applied to the affected painful area. These pulses occur for short periods of time, creating small bubbles that expand and burst. The force created by these bubbles stimulates the cells in the body that are responsible for bone and tissue healing.

The medical wave device will then release slow pulses of shockwaves through the skin. A typical treatment can last about 10 to 15 minutes, and with decreased down time, a patient is able to go about their everyday routine shortly after.

Benefits of Shockwave Technology Treatments

Shockwave Technology has many incredible benefits, including:

It is non-invasive
No anesthesia is needed
There is no risk of infection
There is no scarring
No downtime
Over 80% patient satisfaction
It is cost effective
Provides faster, easier healing
Can treat a variety of injuries and conditions

Additionally, shockwave therapy stimulates collagen production and supports tissues in the body which can help with chronic inflammation and discomfort. This treatment restores mobility and quickly improves the quality of life for patients. This treatment is performed in a physician’s office or clinic, where there will be no unfortunate side effects, thus proving the treatment affordable and effective.

What Can Shockwave Technology Treat?

Shockwave Technology is utilized to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions including but not limited to the following:

Knee pain
Hand or wrist pain
Foot, ankle or heel pain
Neck or shoulder pain
Achilles tendinopathy
Plantar fasciitis
Hamstring pain
Back pain
Elbow pain including Tennis Elbow
Car accident injury
Workplace injury
Sports Injuries and much more

The medical wave device is sourced from the world’s most effective EPAT and Shockwave technology treatments. According to clinical studies, patients have reported a 91% success rate. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Technology, or EPAT, uses slow pulses of high frequency energy to treat a patient’s pain in a non-invasive and medication-free way.

This new and effective device has been used by many leading healthcare professionals, including Chiropractic offices, Podiatry, Orthopedics, Pain Management clinics, Regenerative Medicine clinics, Physical Therapy practices and many others, with great success.

The medical staff at Physical Medicine of Oklahoma greatly looks forward to integrating this brand new, state-of-the art technology into their practice, in order to further help their patients achieve the pain relief they’ve been searching for.

Who is Physical Medicine of Oklahoma?

Physical Medicine of Oklahoma specializes in fully integrated treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to the musculoskeletal system, including:

Related tissues
And more

Their advanced modern practices, range of services, and highly-trained team work to provide pain relief for patients seeking treatment for their debilitating conditions in order to improve their health and way of life.

Who is Dr. Koenig?

Dr. Brant T. Koenig attended a local Oklahoma City High school and then went on to receive his Bachelor’s in Exercise Fitness and Management at the University of Central Oklahoma. Prior to earning his Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, he managed a Gold’s Gym for 11 years, was a certified personal trainer, and a nutrition technician. This fitness and athletic background kick-started his life journey toward helping others achieve their health and fitness goals in order to improve and maintain their quality of life.

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