With detailed research and shopping trends analyzed from 2021 and 2022, and via surveys and analysis, learn more about GlassesUSA.com’s newly found trend report

NEW YORK, NY, November 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — GlassesUSA.com, the fastest-growing retailer for glasses online in the United States, announced the release of their 2023 Fashion Trend Report, highlighting shopping trends, women’s and men’s glasses trends, and the most popular eyewear styles for 2023.

Following the release of the #1 online optical retailers end of year report, GlassesUSA.com’s talented team of in-house designers sat down to curate the coolest and most stylish glasses as seen in street style, the catwalks, magazine spreads and celebrities, and put together a list of must-have eyewear trends. While last year we saw dusty pastel frames, smart glasses, and eyeglass chains as part of our 2022 Trend Report, 2023 is all about the racer frame, athletic-style eyewear, and tinted frames.

Here are the top four eyewear trends that we are most excited to see in 2023:

Trend No. 1
The Racer
With the rise of the Y2K styles, we’ve seen in high fashion, the racer frame offers a sporty touch to upscale eyewear. It was a key item on the A/W 22/23 runways, both men’s and women’s look, and is making a solid comeback as a must-have frame for 2023. The design details are filled with angular, futuristic touches, and modular styles and lightweight, sustainable materials. Lenses will be iridescent, mirrored and tinted, which is in line with A/W 23/24’s “NatureVerse” forecast.

Athletic-inspired frames continue to trend for the coming season, as seen on the runway at Milan Fashion Week. Eyewear brands like Oakley and Costa Del Mar have perfected this iconic athletic eyewear trend, which was a favorite for rave culture through the 1990s, while Australian brand Poppy Lissiman has their own take on this “raver-meets-athletic” eyewear trend in hues, such as digital lavender and optic white.

Trend No. 2
The Oversized Angular
This nostalgic 1970s look pairs up oversized frames with sleek style in the #supersizedframes trend. It’s a luxury staple in high-fashion womenswear collections for 2023, and it’s experimenting into the men’s eyewear market, and gender-inclusive lines, as well.

These chunky frames are typically made of recycled plastics in 2023 and offer an oversized silhouette for a dramatic look. These oversized angular looks are geometric, hued in luxe neutrals and some tinted lenses in soft hues bring out the balance to this maximalist look. Expect to see a lot of tortoise shell glasses in 2023, too.

Trend No. 3
Eco-conscious frames
With our ever-increasing focus on sustainability in fashion and eco-friendly products, chromatic green glasses will be all the rage in 2023. The influence of green will have a stronghold through s/s 24, according to GlassesUSA.com’s design team, and will be used as a symbol to highlight our growing connection between tech and nature.

That includes acidic shades with organic tones. Colors like cyber lime green, sea kelp malachite and emerald will be popular as eyewear frames. Punchy bright greens will also see their moment. Take a look at American eyewear brand Muse’s Mitchum frame in clear, olive green, which is the perfect workday look, or Amelia E. Hazel’s cat eye glasses in tortoise green offer a more retro look.

Green frames tie into how eco-conscious eyewear is a priority to the modern day glasses customer.

Trend No. 4
Tinted Lenses
Tinted lenses in warm hues; red, orange, and yellow, have been all the rage at Coachella 2022, leading eyewear trends well into 2023. This “New Retro” styling of eyewear brings a vintage feel to music festival culture.

Thin metallic frames bring a 1970s feel with aviator glasses, rimless or monotone rims will be trending, too. These glasses will see a rise with beaded eyewear cords, too.

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