Most industries today are considering environmental pollution seriously than ever because they have been able to understand that in the modern world, being reckless or ignoring environmental issues are nothing but suicidal. Fashion industry is the second largest industry which can be blamed for environmental pollution after the oil and petroleum sector. Being so, we have witnessed many high end brands recently putting emphasis on sustainable production like never before.

Zero waste production is turning out as a popular way of addressing the environmental issue particularly in the domain of the fashion industry. Farah Naz New York is a high end fashion brand based in New York which has several luxury clothing ranges which expresses their commitment and responsible attitude towards the serious problem of environmental pollution.

Their sustainable zero waste jeans is one of the clothing which is powered by the innovative zero waste ingredients while at the same time is sustainable, meaning completely eco-friendly and chemical free. These jeans are a subset of their exclusive range of sustainable clothing which are made of materials which emits no harmful toxic waste unlike what is found in a typical clothing manufacturing unit.

Models wearing Eco Trend Jeans Image Courtesy: Farah Naz New York

A recent study has shown that consumer behaviour is also swinging towards responsible usages and thus fashionwear made with ‘zero waste’ materials have been found to be in demand in comparison to what it was five years back.

It’s a matter of hope that luxury brands like Farah Naz New York are taking positive and confident initiatives to translate the environmental goals into practice through their business model from which many other brands from within and outside the domain of fashion clothing are getting inspiration for being committed towards the environmental issue.