Victor Industries Ltd. (VVKB), the leading manufacturer of fuel heaters, air parking heaters and engine block heaters.

LEWES, DE, June 26, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Victor Industries Ltd. (VVKB), the leading manufacturer of fuel heaters, air parking heaters and engine block heaters. Today upgraded its Titan P series and Titan B series engine heaters, it is part of VVKB’s strategic plan to become the best engine heater manufacturer in the global market.

The engine heaters and engine preheaters are compact and lightweight, with inbuilt safety diagnostic systems. With inbuilt safety diagnostic systems, the engine heaters and preheaters have compact design and light weight. They can save a lot of fuel wasted during the cold start of engine, and can reduce the exhaust emission and the wear of the engine.

“Cold starting engine during cold weather causes engines to wear faster, and that’s the exact problem that VVKB engine heaters solve by supplying instant heat,” said Mr. Eric Zhang, the VVKB CEO. “We use our know-how to make your engine part more easy to start even during cold weather. This will prolong the service life span of the engine part.”

VVKB optimizes engine heaters for different heating applications. They have a self-regulating thermostat and inbuilt pump.

As one of the best engine heater manufacturers in China, VVKB has seven different designs of engine heaters.

They include VVKB Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater, VVKB Titan-P2 Coolant Heater, VVKB Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater, VVKB Titan-P4 Diesel Engine Warmer, VVKB Titan-P5 Truck Block Heater, VVKB Titan-P6 Winter Car Heater and VVKB Titan-B1 Engine Preheater.

VVKB engine heaters have TUV, CE, FCC, and RoHS certification, with the rated voltage varying from 220-240/110-120V,50/60Hz, customers can select the different model of engine to suit for different vehicles. The heating material has a lifespan of 5,000hrs, depending on the VVKB Titan series engine heater.

Also, VVKB designs engine heaters can meet up everyday heating needs. They are easy to install–just install in the air conditioning heating system, and then connect to the power.

VVKB engine parking heater comes in different shapes, designs, and colors. They feature VVKB patented technologies with progressive designs and innovations.

Founded in the U.S., Victor Industries Ltd. (VVKB) has grown to be a global leader in designing, manufacturing and assembling parking heaters, engine heaters, and fuel heaters. These are RoHS, CE, and FCC compliant heaters that guarantee efficient and consistent heating.

Among the main products by Victor Industries Ltd. include Apollo series parking heaters, Titan series engine heaters, and Zeus series fuel heaters.

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Name: Mr. Eric Zhang
Company: Victor Industries Ltd. (VVKB)
Address: 16192, Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE, 19958, USA
Phone: +1 (678) 866-1888
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