Investors report earning 12.5% in average monthly profits with XGEN Algorithms

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, February 05, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Currency trading investment firm XGEN Algorithms has announced that it has consistently earned monthly returns of 10% to 12.5% for investors, beating most investment vehicles in the market today.

For four years, XGEN Algorithms has impressed the finance community for not incurring any month-on-month losses. Their consistent returns have been independently verified by reputable trading analysis companies such as MyFxBook and FXBlue. XGEN Algorithms is also beating the overall stock market with their double-digit monthly returns, since the S&P 500’s monthly return is only at around 3%.

Apart from the high returns they earn for clients, XGEN Algorithms is also known for its safe, automated platform. This allows investors to “set it and forget it,” earning profits on their capital automatically. This makes XGEN Algorithms perfect for the hands-off investor who wants impressive gains but without the need to track their investments daily or hourly.

XGEN Algorithms also gives investors complete freedom of movement for their funds, unlike more traditional investments with strict lock-in periods. This draws in both new and experienced investors, who can withdraw and deposit at will. With no lock-in period, XGEN Algorithms’ investors can build their wealth or use their profits whenever they want.

Funds are kept securely in investors’ own trading accounts on FXChoice, one of the world’s most trusted online brokers. With their funds protected in high-security accounts, even the most risk-averse investor can rest easy knowing that their investments are under their own name, held by a reputable broker trusted by professional traders.

For its high-profit services, XGEN Algorithms charges a reasonable 35% fee on net profits — with investors keeping 65% of their earnings. Savvy investors prefer this fee structure to those made by traditional investments, which charge several fees that erode profits. Because of its innovative practices, XGEN Algorithms can afford to charge a simple, straightforward fee, allowing investors to enjoy the majority of their earnings.

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