Gen-X NFTs is a female-founded, retro pop culture Web3 brand focused on onboarding 80s kids into the Metaverse using nostalgia, education, membership to an exclusive online community, and themed IRL events.

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gen-X NFTs, a female-founded brand on a mission to usher 65 million plus Gen-Xers into Web3, using 80s-themed education and core memories from childhood, announced the Allowlist for Their Limited Edition VIP Collection.

The project is the only collection in the NFT space completely designed to serve Gen-X’s needs and desires, speaking to this community in a resonant way about the future of Web3. It has already been featured on NBC Nightly News, Buzzfeed, and MSNBC.

Quick Take:
Gen-X NFTs has opened a raffle for its limited edition VIP Collection of digital collectibles inspired by 80s pop culture and memorabilia.

Just 789 NFTs will be available, each offering:
– VIP community access to branded Web3 educational resources and exclusive retro-themed events online and in real life
– A chance to mint 1 of 20 mystery NFTs you can exchange for your own custom collectible
– A chance to mint 1 of 30 ultra-rare 1:1s – parody throwbacks to iconic 80s moments
– Free mint of 2 planned future Gen-X NFTs collections and VIP airdrop collectibles, each continuing the ongoing narrative of these Latchkey Kids (aka young goats)
– The raffle will close on January 27, 2023
– Mint date for the VIP collection is January 28, 2023

“We’re the only NFT brand with plans to onboard an entire generation, many of whom feel that they missed out on the internet boom. They don’t want to be left behind this time, as Web3 becomes the next tech wave,” said Sarah Monson, brand Founder. “Gen-Xers are obsessed with collectibles, nostalgia, and 80s pop culture. Our goal is to trigger fun, shared childhood memories of the satisfying, simpler times of the 80s to grow our safe and helpful community of fellow Web3 newbies.”

Gen-X is a generation born between 1965 and 1980 that currently boasts the highest average income across all generations. They are at the peak of their buying power, founded more than half of the startups in the U.S., invented the internet and social media, buy more crypto than Gen-Z or Millennials, and about 22 million of them want to buy an NFT but haven’t yet.

That is the audience Gen-X NFTs is here to address. As millions of Gen-Xers trickle into Web3 over the upcoming months and years, Gen-X NFTs aims to be their safe home base as a community and digital hub.

COO Jesse Rosenblatt echoes the excitement and describes big plans for the brand. “We plan to utilize our experience and connections over 20+ years in entertainment and tech to create an all-out transmedia brand built around our original IP, including throwback Saturday Morning Cartoons and After School Specials. We know how to connect with this audience in their sweet spot, because we are them. In the pipeline, we have two more related collections, multiple brand partnerships with iconic 80s and top-tier Web3 companies, expansive educational resources, and ongoing retro-themed events and experiences for our community.”

The VIP collection took over a year to design. The team hand-picked a female artist to create hundreds of totally rad hand-drawn traits and accessories, capturing the 80s vibe perfectly. Upon minting, all traits and accessories will be randomized, creating 789 truly unique collectible Latchkey Kids (aka young goats) that combine all of the things Gen-X loves about the 80s. The collection will also offer parody NFTS of popular musicians, TV/film stars, and 80s icons, including themed “flights” where you can collect iconic duos, trios, and more.

Founders Sarah Monson and Jesse Rosenblatt combine 40+ years of media experience with a talented team of Web3 creative, marketing, and technology experts. Monson has worked on multiple prime time Emmy-winning reality television programs, spending the last decade writing for the highest profile advertising, across Super Bowl ads and global Fortune 100 commercials, as well as crafting music videos for several Grammy-winning mega artists. Rosenblatt has held roles as a top entertainment/media company executive and business/legal affairs consultant, having concluded complex deals with nearly every major entertainment, media and tech company worldwide.

Click here to join the Allowlist:

Mint Details:
Supply: 789
Price: 0.25 ETH
Mint Date: January 28, 2023

Gen-X NFTs are retro pop culture art collectibles focused on onboarding an entire generation to Web3 through 80s-themed education, nostalgia, and fun digital/IRL events. The brand is the only collection completely designed to serve Gen-X’s needs and desires in the space, speaking to this community in a nostalgic resonant way.

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