Patented Drug Delivery Technology Could Replace Eye Drop Medications for Several Eye Diseases

BOSTON, MA, July 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Diopter Corp, a clinical stage company, and the University of Florida have developed a patented drug delivery contact lens technology for delivery of medications to the ocular surface to treat eye disease.

Phase I safety clinical studies were recently completed for the contact lens drug delivery technology at the UF Health Eye Center in Gainesville, Florida. The lens devices were placed on the eyes of human subjects. The lenses were well tolerated with no adverse events reported. The next phase of the development program, planned to start this fall, will treat glaucoma patients with glaucoma medications delivered by the contact lens.

Drug delivery through a contact lens could be a significant advance in the treatment of ocular disease. Patient compliance with the current eye drop therapy is less than 50% and only 1-2% of the medication reaches the eye. The contact lens technology is based on the work of Dr. Anuj Chauhan, professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida.

Diopter Corporation, a California company, is developing proprietary drug delivery contact lens technology for the treatment of several types of ocular diseases. Examples of diseases to be treated include glaucoma, ocular inflammation, conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis and dry eye. Over 40 million Americans suffer from ocular surface disease. The technology has the potential to increase drug efficacy and patient compliance.

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