Comsense Technologies and Acoustic offer best-in-class marketing technology solutions to deliver a phenomenal digital customer experience

ALPHARETTA, GA, September 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Comsense Technologies, a global customer data and analytics company, has partnered with Acoustic, a global marketing and customer engagement provider for B2C brands, to implement exceptional digital solutions in the MarTech space for renowned global footwear brands. In collaboration with Acoustic over the course of five years, Comsense has evolved and expanded from just region-specific to a global business partner and solution provider.

“Comsense has a large team with vast industry experience and deep knowledge of Acoustic’s products and solutions,” said Sagar Babar, CEO and co-founder at Comsense. “Together, we are the leaders in designing, integrating, and delivering Acoustic marketing solutions across the globe to help B2C brands create insights-driven campaigns and customer experiences. With the launch of Acoustic Connect, Acoustic is realizing its vision for helping brands form one-to-one customer relationships, and we’re excited to support this vision globally.”

In today’s crowded digital landscape, highly personalized customer experiences are imperative. Deep customer data insights, cutting-edge technology, and customer-obsessed strategies and execution drive these experiences. Through this collaboration, Comsense and Acoustic work together to evaluate marketers’ most pressing challenges, configure solutions based on their specific needs and business goals, and implement technology designed to help brands form closer connections with consumers. Delivering the new, all-in-one Acoustic Connect is a key part of this strategy.

“Comsense works with many of our customers in India already, and we’re delighted to see the team expand into the U.S.,” said Matthew Miller, Chief Commercial Officer at Acoustic. “As businesses aim to form closer connections with their customers, we’re working with Comsense to provide brands with powerful technology purpose-built for greater customer insight, meaningful digital engagement, and increased customer lifetime value.”

Founded in 2014, Comsense Technologies helps sports and footwear retail and e-commerce brands to use their proven AI-based integrated Data and Marketing technology to increase customer lifetime value and maximize ROI. Comsense specializes in Data Engineering, Data Science, Advanced Analytics, Marketing Technology, and Cloud Enablement, providing best-of-breed proprietary solutions like kleanmail, IntellSense , Find your Best Customer, and CDP to empower customers to make data-driven decisions. In 2022, Comsense was also awarded with a “Great Place to Work” certification.

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