An Immunity Management System™ that combines mobile technology, with immunity laboratory testing for COVID-19.

PHOENIX, AZ, October 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — ANZU®, a technology company, in collaboration with Healix Pathology LLP, a molecular and immunopathology laboratory, announced today that they are offering an Immunity Management System that combines mobile technology, with immunity laboratory testing for COVID-19. This unique system provides patients, providers, businesses, and their employees the results of the Neutralizing Antibody Tests (NAb) on their mobile devices. Through a secure, HIPAA compliant mobile application, the user can track the processing of this test by the lab in real time, get the result in the form of an easy-to-understand ImmunoCard™, and be notified when a retest should be done based on FDA EUA parameters.

Neutralizing Antibodies are the only antibodies that prevent the SARS CoV-2 virus from penetrating and infecting the cell. This test provides the critical information that will allow the patient with their physician to make informed decisions regarding their immunity management. The platform is designed to adjust to new testing modalities and testing parameters as these evolve.

Hospital systems and nursing home facilities; large, medium, and small-sized employers and clinics are in various stages of deploying this system.

Peter Bryant-Greenwood MD, MBA, FACHE, Managing Partner of Healix Pathology LLP stated:

“Immune monitoring is now critical for understanding our health options for this pandemic- vaccine response, boosters, natural immune status, comorbidities, and immune therapies have complicated the decision matrix for patients, providers, and public health.

Whether it is occupational health, clinical care, or managing vaccinated school children, we must leverage advanced mobile technologies and advanced testing to bring safety and clarity to these contexts.

ANZU® and Healix Pathology have been able to create a novel and powerful nexus between information technology and laboratory data that offers real-time Patient engagement and monitoring of clinical status. This will become the standard for future high complexity laboratory testing.”

Barry Fernando MD, Chief Executive Officer of ANZU® stated:

“Our company is very excited to deliver this unique product that provides instant access to critical information regarding immunity status in this time of uncertainty for everyone.

Mobile technology is an ideal vehicle to deliver this type of information securely and in real-time. The EVE Patient App delivers real-time updates as the test is processed and provides the written laboratory test and an ImmunoCard™ which summarizes the test results and alerts the patient when a retest is necessary. The ImmunoCard™ is fully configurable and can be updated to provide additional information as testing capabilities and science evolves. This may include information identifying protective immunity to COVID variants, previous exposure to the virus, and even changing retesting recommendations based on quantification of the results.

We are committed to collaborating with our lab partners to provide the best science-based information to the end-user.”

About ANZU®

Founded in 2010, ANZU®, including Art Research and Technology, L.L.C. and its affiliated entities, is an Arizona-based technology company that has developed a diverse product line that concentrates on solving some of the fundamental problems faced by institutions, physicians, and patients. These products include a clinical trials platform with prominent clients in Gene Therapy and Aesthetic Surgery, an Immunity Management System for SARS CoV-2 through a unique interface with laboratory information management systems (LIMS), the only mobile-based breast implant registration and information exchange platform for patients, a medical education platform, and a big data platform in Aesthetic Surgery.

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About Healix Pathology L.L.P.

Healix Pathology is a physician-owned and operated reference laboratory, serving pathology groups, independent and hospital-owned laboratories, health systems, integrated and accountable care networks, self-funded health plans, employers, and health-related entities, making testing available directly to patients.

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