Shelley Schuring’s book “MS=MINDSET” tells the inspiring story of a woman with Multiple Sclerosis who thriving despite the condition. The book teaches techniques for a positive mindset and explores endless possibilities.

PORTAGE, MI, August 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Aspiring author Shelley Schuring announces the launch of her new book “MS=MINDSET”, an inspiring story of a woman who not only has been surviving with Multiple Sclerosis for fifty years and counting, but is thriving despite it.

Shelley calls it a “once in a lifetime story”. This book teaches the techniques necessary to create a positive and proactive mindset. Through the author’s real-life experiences and lessons learned, a world of endless possibilities will be revealed.

MS=MINDSET is a book about overcoming odds and facing challenges. Yes, the journey can be difficult, but it is often through adversity that we grow and learn the most about ourselves. The narrative encourages readers to stay positive and focus on things they can control. A positive attitude can help you to stay motivated and resilient, even when things get tough.

According to Shelley, “Living a meaningful life despite the challenges you may face can be difficult, but take time to think about what is most important to you. Ask what gives your life meaning, what makes you happy, and what you want to accomplish in your life.”

This book offers simple methods, tools, and guidance to give you hope and the freedom to live the life you want. It doesn’t matter if the challenge feels overwhelming; try breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Remember that setbacks and failures are a normal part of everyone’s journey. Don’t let them get you down; use them to create new and exciting opportunities and adventures!

The book is also available now on all major publishing platforms, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle.

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