Dalvaro Art, after more than 10 years of experience organizing Painting Holidays, releases onto the art market a new holiday service for painting professionals.

BENIGANIM, SPAIN, August 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Starting this year 2018, all the painting international mentors, societies, and associations, can organize their own workshops at the Dalvaro Art resort with all services included.

In the existing artistic holidays market frame, until now, all courses were of a private nature, in which alumni enrolled for previously organized courses. This model ceased to be unique and different over time, which in turn made a lot of mentors lose their exclusivity to organize their own workshops, and have control over the skill level of the alumni which in turn affects the quality of their classes. At the same time, the high atomization of the sector with new non-specialized schools and general tour operators has damaged the quality of service and margin of benefit for mentors.

This year 2018, the mentors, societies and watercolor associations, have the chance to teach and enjoy along with their alumni the best watercolor painting techniques. The supply from Dalvaro Art Painting Holidays is all inclusive, from the accommodation in excellent facilities, an exquisite Mediterranean gastronomy and multiple artistic field trips in which multiple natural and historical landscapes can be painted.

Dalvaro Art Painting Holidays is located in Benigánim, in the middle of the Valley of Albaida (Valencia, Spain) and just inland from the Mediterranean sea. A privileged conclave of nature, sea breeze, orange blossom perfume and a great haven of peace.

Along the years, more than 30 painters with global renown have taught here, including Anna Ivanova, Keiko Tanabe, Francesco Fontana, and Pablo Ruben who have taken part in multiple contests and expositions, some of them being honorific members of worldwide watercolor associations such as the “International Watercolour Association”, among many.

With this new service for professionals, Dalvaro Art offers a new way to diversify the income to mentors in an easy, comfortable, and approachable way.

Back in 2001 we, that is myself and my English husband, decided to move back to my native Spain and we started the long task of finding somewhere to make our shared dreams come true. After five years of traveling back and forth from Heathrow to Valencia or Gatwick to Alicante we finally found somewhere that ticked most of the boxes on our list of must haves, want to haves and do not really need to haves. The property that was originally called “Casablanca”.

Of course the property did not look like this when we bought it, this took a further two years of problematic difficult builders, and we are still finding things to improve. So it was not until 2009 that we were able to really start using our home as a painting holiday venue. We then renamed it “Las Orquideas ” after one of my husbands favourite flowers, “orchids”.

Over the years I had heard of so many people who were disappointed about their painting holiday experiences, that I was determined to make mine different, my dream future. Using hotels was a definite no-no, as would be half board, shared bathrooms and enforced shared bedrooms for single travelers.

The first year, of course was mainly people that we knew and we used these experiences to gain extra insights into looking after, as well as, teaching small groups of mixed ability artists. Of course we soon realized that people are all different and some wanted a ‘painting holiday’ while others were more interested in a ‘holiday with painting’. We managed to adapt quite easily, while I concentrated on the ‘painting’ my husband catered for the ‘holiday’.

It all proved to be a very interesting, eye opening and most enjoyable time. We now have friends of those friends staying with us as well as people from all over the UK and around the world, including visitors from Australia, South Africa, The USA, Canada plus a large group of amateur and professional artists from Alaska.

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