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4 features film company releases trailer for new feature film

Chicago Film Company Announces Theatrical Release of Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers CHICAGO, IL – Chicago’s top independent film company 4 Features Film, has just announced the upcoming theatrical release of their new feature film Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers. 4 Features Film is a full service production company that is known for their high quality independent films and also their television commercials which has won them multiple Telly Awards. Their latest project Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers has already created a big buzz with their loyal followers and mainstream media. The film is written and...

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Illinois Model Ria Schumacher Who Served Twelve Years in Prison For Murder Is Telling All In New Book Series

In the late 90’s model Ria Schumacher was involved in a high-profile murder case when she was just seventeen.She went for a ride with her brother and mother’s boyfriend that turned out to be a drug deal that ended in murder. She served twelve years of a twenty five year sentence before the judge decided she didn’t have any involvement in the murder. Ria briefly spoke on Dr. Phil about what happened in her case but she is now ready to tell all in a new book series. We had the opportunity to interview Ria about her new book...

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TRICIA KAYE EXMAN HAS ARCHITECTED A TRANSFORMATION EXPERIENCE! Today, Tricia Kaye Exman breaks ground again with an exciting new coaching model that hits the refresh button on coaching. Her model has received glowing testimonials of effectiveness and impact. Presence Coaching’s unique group coaching model creates a virtual space for like-minded individuals and a Life Strategist to take the journey together, setting the stage for multiplied results. They truly are ‘Pioneering Expeditions into Fearless, Brilliant, Limitless Living,’ as their mission declares! Presence Coaching proudly announces the release of the latest addition to its Transformation Coaching portfolio: “EdenQuest” Groups. When something...

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Kiwi lifestyle saving technology

A technology leader warned that New Zealand should be smarter with the adoption of advanced technologies or high risk respecting Kiwi lifestyle. Rachel Kelly, director SparkTank for business growth, recently participated in the world famous IBM Watson event in Las Vegas where he saw some of the technological advances lead of other countries to succeed and put New Zealand at risk of being fired. New Zealand lifestyle admired throughout the world, but Kelly said that to be competitive and relevant global Kiwi who has lost an incredible lifestyle or work much smarter. Fortunately, technology can help to allow the...

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Innovation challenge is to remain faithful to the belief

Change challenge is to remain faithful to the trust, says the Chief of Bread The biggest problem of product innovation for small and medium businesses are sure to stay true to what they believe, says Sean Armstrong, director of Handcrafted. Speaking in a video of the series leader NZ food and grocery stores, the challenge for companies is to make sure everything is innovative, whatever we do, we remain faithful to what we believe and that started us on a business trip. Do not put anything in front of people who do not want to eat or to sell...

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